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Supporting New Zealand schools to take a whole school approach to student wellbeing that prepares students for a world where alcohol and other drugs exist.

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Tūturu is grounded in evidence

Start building on your school's approach today

We are preparing our students to live in a world where alcohol and other drugs exist. The good news is that what is already working well for other wellbeing areas can work for alcohol and other drugs too. 

We know that these things make a difference:

  • Having a positive school environment, where students feel like they belong and that their wellbeing is important.
  • Having a lot of opportunities to engage in outside of class activities throughout the year.
  • Having opportunities to develop skills in critical thinking, especially about what the social norms in their community are.
  • Identifying students with slipping attendance or achievement, and getting them support as early as possible.

How we respond to a student’s substance use has more of an impact on their education than the use itself. The earlier we provide support and re-engage students in learning and extracurricular activities, the better their chances of success at school. 

Our pilot schools have taken a step-by-step approach to implementing Tūturu

Each school took these four steps to implement Tūturu.


Identified that they wanted to improve student wellbeing


Identified the staff who would work with their local Tūturu supporter

(CAYAD Auckland, Youth Odyssey, Youth INtact, Sorted, Mirror HQ)


Completed the reflection tool and prioritised actions into a plan 


Identified which Tūturu resources would help

We are working with each school to continue creating helpful resources. Once we have completed the pilot, we will be able to support other schools to implement Tūturu.


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